Code of Conduct

The Courceys AC Codes of Conduct for has been adapted from the AAI Code of Ethics & Good Practice for Children

Young Athletes

  1. Treat sports leaders, coaches and club officials with respect.
  2. Treat all other athletes as you would like to be treated.
  3. Respect team members even when things go wrong.
  4. Respect opponents and be gracious in defeat.
  5. Do not cheat, use violence or physical contact that is not allowed within the rules.
  6. Remember that the goals of athletics are to have fun, improve your skills and feel good.
  7. Play fairly at all times and do your best.
  8. Winning and losing is part of sport: Win with humility – lose with dignity.
  9. Abide by the rules set down by coaches when training and travelling away to events.
  10. Do not bully or use bullying tactics to isolate another athlete.
  11. Do not tell lies or spread rumours about others
  12. Remember you are representing your club, family and athletics.

Parents of Athletes

  1. Respect the rules and procedures set down in Athletics Ireland’s Code of Ethics for Children in Sport.
  2. Respect your child’s team-mates, coaches and other parents.
  3. Encourage your child to treat other participants, coaches and officials with respect.
  4. Never demonstrate threatening behaviour or use foul language.
  5. Never ridicule, humiliate or shout at young athletes for making a mistake or losing
  6. Do not place emphasis on winning at all costs.
  7. Help and encourage young people to work towards skill improvement and good sportsmanship.
  8. Recognise the value and importance of volunteer referees and coaches.

Coaches & Leaders

  1. Lead by example. Be a good role model. Be aware of the effect you have on growing children – young people need a coach they can respect.
  2. Be positive during sessions. Praise and encourage effort as well as results. Never ridicule or shout at athletes for making mistakes.
  3. Plan and prepare sessions appropriately. Create a safe environment in which to train.
  4. Encourage fair play and treat participants equally.
  5. Do not use any form of physical force on a child.
  6. Do not use or tolerate the use of foul language.
  7. Encourage young athletes to develop basic skills and sportsmanship.
  8. Involve parents where possible and inform them if problems arise.
  9. Keep yourself informed on sound coaching principles & methods, on the principles of growth & development of young people. Attend courses.
  10. Ensure you and your athletes are proud of the club and their efforts during the season.

Courceys A.C. Notice Board

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